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My unpopular opinion on salary negotiation that ACTUALLY works. salary negotiation Jun 07, 2022

This may confuse you but you really don’t need to negotiate your salary.

Yep. I said it.

Take me for example; I’ve always been given the top of the range and just asked for more at the end. 

Here’s why I didn’t have to do much – aka lose my...

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Offer Negotiation: Ask for it all. offer negotiation salary negotiation Oct 11, 2021

So we're currently negotiating a Sr. Product Managers offer package with a Biotech firm. 

We pushed back and asked them to revise almost every aspect of the offer: 

  • Relocation Bonus
  • Increase in Base Salary
  • Increase in RSU's
  • LTI
  • Green Card process confirmed
  • 4 weeks of vacation not...
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How to get $10,000 more than what was budgeted. ⁣ salary negotiation Feb 12, 2019

A perfect resume, scripted answer and impressive references are the basics.

You know what will actually make you stand out?

A commitment to owning who you are and showing up as your best self.

Your best self doesn’t always need to know the answer. Your best self doesn’t need to give...

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