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Enrollment Open 

January 2024 

Your First Six-Figure Position.

Enrollment Open 

January 2024 

Your First Six-Figure Position.


The Six Figure Catalyst

Job Search support for softspoken corporate workers who aren't at six figures yet but should be. 


Multiple Job Offers

With mission-driven companies that respect YOU and your work.

A partner as you negotiate your offer. 

It’s your worthiness accelerator, and corporate brand refiner all in one.

Tools for life. 

Land the job and thrive in it as well. 

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→ You always receive what you need like an assistant to support you.

→ Your opinions are valued, and you're always asked for your take.

→ You're invited to fly to other offices, and you feel like a valued team member.

→ You don't feel overworked, and being underpaid is a thing of the past.

→ You have new colleagues that feel like friends.


You're a Business Partner and not everyone's assistant.

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✓ Session One: Career Exploration & Personal Commitment. Not sure where to take your career next? We'll ideate on which career path makes the most sense based on your experience and desires. You will commit to 1-2 job titles. And lastly, energetically commit to what you are leaving behind and what you will manifest.  This is your time.

✓ Session Two: LinkedIn, Resume & Executive Bio Creation: Not sure where to take your career next? Feel good about having your personal brand reflect this next stage of your career as a six-figure earner.

Week Two: Salary Benchmarking: Knowing your ask BEFORE your first interview is important. You'll know exactly how much you're worth on the market, i.e., your market value. Based on your years of experience, industry, role, and city. 

✓ Session Three: Salary Negotiation: This session is where you'll practice negotiating during your first-round interview, at the midway point and at the end of your interviews. We'll repeatedly practice negotiating so you feel COMFORTABLE with any 'no's thrown your way at EVERY stage of the interview loop. Lastly, we'll tackle any energetic imbalances (negative thoughts) as it relates to you asking for your top-of-the-range offer. You'll receive custom meditation practices to get you to this next level of abundance and to ensure you STAY there. 

✓ Session Four: New Elevator Pitch & Personal Story Creation: Feel comfortable sharing your story even if it includes a work gap, RIFF, layoff, work trauma etc. 

✓ Session Five: Confidence Embodiment: This is bigger than just getting the job. This is feeling worthy of the salary, the team you'll manage - and the good that is about to enter your experience. Also, confidence doesn't mean extroversion, being nice, bright, and sunny during every interview. It can be QUIET confidence. It can be you. Step into your worth during your interviews and BEYOND during this session. 

Week Five: Inner Child Spotlight: We've all had negative work experiences. Don't let the past show up in your interviews. Release them this week.  

✓ Session Six: Mock Interview: Function Specific & Tricky Questions: Feel comfortable mock interviewing for the roles you've applied to and already scheduled interviews. 

✓ Session Seven: Mock Interview: Function Specific Questions: Continued interview practice and support plus as-needed advisement (company ghosting, negotiation support), etc. 

✓ Session Eight: Mock Interview: Case Study & Panel Practice: Continued interview practice geared towards getting buy-in through panel interviews and passing case study questions. As-needed advisement (company ghosting, negotiation support), etc. 

✓ Session Nine: Interview & Negotiation Support: Continued interview practice. As-needed advisement (company ghosting, negotiation support), etc. 

✓ Session Ten: Our celebration and closing ceremony. 

✓ Unlimited 15 Minute Calls prior to EVERY INTERVIEW:  Geared to MAKE SURE you feel CONFIDENT before EVERY INTERVIEW. You can't mess this up. This is finally your time. 

✓ A private online community: Share wins, vent, and connect with your new ambitious, kind-hearted, soft-spoken, six-figure sisters outside of our weekly sessions; celebrating the progress of manifesting your goals. Job searching is a lonely business. You don't have to do this alone.

✓ Offer Negotiation Market Value Report: Discount Code Provided via ($195 value)

✓ Your Gift Mailed: Plant/Flower Essence mailed for interview anxiety via

✓ Lifetime Access: Access to the course and private community, including all pieces of training from 2019 onwards. 

We focus on what really matters, the necessary internal work to build the life and career you’ve always wanted with intention.

Pay in Full

The investment for this job search package is $2,100 USD in total.

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Payment Plan

Four payments of $525 USD, every three weeks for this job search package.

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You're Worthy of The Bigger Title and Bigger Paycheck.



→ You are in corporate ready to leave a toxic work environment. You may be an executive, sole contributor or responsible for a department and struggle with doing this successfully because of people pleasing, lack of boundaries and a fear of being seen.

→ You second guess yourself and your work. You want to become self-assured and create a personal brand you believe in.

→ You're ready to confidently show up in future interviews as an expert, commanding attention, radiating authenticity, and feeling empowered.

→ You want to create impact through compelling work and effortlessly communicate your vision & your voice to your team.

→ You know you’re at an important part of your journey. You’re more than ready to shake off insecurity and playing small once and for all - begin the interview process seamlessly, and with polish.

→ You know you could likely snag a soul aligned role on your own but you're ready to do the INTERNAL work that'll ensure the position starts off well and ends well.

With a commitment to look at your insecurities deeply and full, a bit of extra support, expert guidance and a container filled with other job seekers just like you, you know we can get you there once and for all.

Meet your coaches

Hi, I'm Stephanie


A former Talent Acquisition Manager & Lead Recruiter with a passion for helping empathic, highly sensitive and heart centered candidates step into leadership and position themselves to negotiate salaries at the TOP 5% of the salary range.

Introducing Cheryl Zalieckas:

Your Trusted Communications Coach & Leadership Strategist


Cheryl Zalieckas, a seasoned Communications Coach and Leadership Strategist, will be lending her expertise and support to all our valued enrollees. Cheryl brings a wealth of experience in empowering individuals to enhance their communication skills and unlock their leadership potential.



My resume: 

I've been a Human Resources Executive responsible for managing and building an entire Talent Acquisition / Recruitment Department for companies like Sony, MSP’s in the Finance space and Tech Startups.
Throughout my career, I’ve counseled 1,000’s of candidates and negotiated salaries for C-Level Executives making $350,000 on their base to unpaid interns looking to negotiate for the first time.
I know what it’s like to be paralized by self doubt, imposter syndrome, and be terrified of the consequence of stepping into leadership (even when a team and department depended on it.)
I’ve played small and pretended to be weak and felt the after-effects like senior male executives treating me like I am weak.
Lastly, I’ve financially fallen victim to Social Cost because I didn't know that hearing ‘no’ was the beginning of a negotiation (salary or otherwise) and not the end.
It wasn’t until I became obsessed with letting go of old behaviors that I was able to ask for and receive the salaries that I was looking for.


I've negotiated a six-figure salary for myself when I only had about 4 years of HR experience and again even after taking a two year break.


I've had companies provide bonuses even as an assistant and when no one else in the company received one.
I've had companies relocate me, pay for my interview travel and provide the top hourly rate when I worked as a consultant.
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