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Meet Our Coaches and Team

Your Partners in Success

About the founder

Founder & Principle Consultant

Stephanie Heath

Job Search and Offer Negotiation Expert

I'm Stephanie Heath. I was a people pleaser. I performed as an assistant instead of the lead I was hired to be. And I did not show up as a Business Partner to my team. I learned that in order for me to get the life I wanted, I needed to let go of Imposter Syndrome. Of Doormat Syndrome. In my twenties, I discovered my worth, and my journey began.

I stepped up and...I built out a recruitment organization at Fortune 500 companies like Sony, Amazon, tech startups, and MSPs servicing hedge funds. I hired 100's of people at various investment banks, including - JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and Credit Suisse. I negotiated the salaries of C-Suite Executives ranging from $350,000 a year to interns making $10 an hour. I've presented my Salary Negotiation fundamentals for 100+ job seekers during LIVE and virtual workshops nationwide. I learned to show up confidently for my team and my clients.

I continually negotiated my own salary, and with only four years of experience, I became a six-figure earner. Now, I use my salary negotiation techniques to help women like you create a six-figure career for themselves.


Certified Light Leader Coach®

A Certified Light Leader Coach® is someone who has been trained and personally certified by Brianna Rose at the Light Leader Collective, INC. Light Leader Coaching is focused on awakening the divine feminine within us to maximize our potential and attract our desires. Our focus is on healing our energy using light leader kundalini™ and other self exploration tools to allow the client to come back home to themselves and become their own inner guru.It is our intention to revolutionize the coaching industry and provide long lasting change in our clients lives.

Meet the SoulWork Coaches 

Communication & Leadership Strategist 

Cheryl Zalieckas

Full Assessment Suite & Consultation

Cheryl Zalieckas is a Communication and Leadership Strategist who offers a full suite of assessments and consultations to help individuals and teams enhance their communication skills and leadership potential. With over 20 years of experience in facilitating effective team building and leadership in various settings such as healthcare, schools, families, and small businesses, Cheryl is on a mission to promote harmony among all teams.

Through her comprehensive assessment suite, individuals receive the full DISC Assessment, Values Assessment, and Attributes Index. These assessments provide insights into one's personality, how others perceive them, the most effective communication strategies, and potential areas of improvement. By identifying blind spots and harnessing leadership power, individuals can enhance their communication skills and become effective leaders.

According to Cheryl, communication breakdowns can be devastating to productivity, progress, and collaboration. As humans spend a significant portion of their lives interacting with others in different environments, Cheryl's system of three science-backed personal assessments helps leaders step into their power and empowers teams of any size to achieve effective communication and harmony.

Certified Healing Arts Practitioner

Allie Berry

Energy Work: Cord Cutting, Aura Reading, Inner Alchemy Psychic Consultation

Allie Berry is a Certified Healing Arts Practitioner who specializes in energy work services to help clients overcome their self-sabotaging patterns and gain clarity about their inner selves. Allie's cord-cutting technique is known for its effectiveness in helping clients release energetic baggage and start a new chapter in their lives. Through visualization, sound healing, and energy work, Allie provides clients with a one-on-one experience that is focused on self-discovery and personal transformation. Clients leave the session feeling renewed, empowered, and ready to thrive in all areas of their lives.


Allie's approach is centered around helping clients identify and break free from their limiting beliefs and behaviors. By connecting with their inner child and higher self, clients gain a new perspective on their present circumstances and a deeper understanding of their unique strengths and gifts. Allie also helps clients gain insights into their soul's essence and current aura colors and symbols. Through her guidance, clients leave the session feeling more confident and self-aware.


Allie's intention is to guide clients to their most authentic selves and help them release what's holding them back. Witnessing her clients' transformation is an honor for her, and she takes pride in helping them achieve a space of renewal and release of the past. While Allie's approach is not about predicting the future, she believes in helping clients embrace their true selves and live their best lives.

Webmaster Project Manager



Christine is a Webmaster Project Manager with a wealth of experience helping 7-figure solopreneurs with her digital skills for the past five years.

As a Front-end SME, she specializes in customizing landing pages, funnels, and homepages. Christine has a strong passion for SoulWork and her contributions have been greatly appreciated by her clients. In addition to her work in the digital space, Christine is currently studying Juris Doctor with the aim of becoming a lawyer.

When she's not working or studying, she enjoys reading, designing, watching movies and series, listening to music, and playing video games. She is tech-savvy and always on the lookout for new tools and technologies that can help her achieve her goals and simplify her life. Christine's resourcefulness and drive make her a valuable asset to any team.

Finance & Legal

Sharon Eason


Sharon Eason is the financial manager at SoulWork, but she leads a life that is far from just business. Hailing from an island, Sharon has a strong love for the outdoors, although she admits that she's not a fan of heights - you won't catch her bungee jumping or riding a Ferris wheel anytime soon.


One of Sharon's favorite pastimes is gardening, and she would much rather be outside enjoying the natural beauty of the world than anything else. In fact, she has a particular talent for growing fruits and vegetables, and could easily win a mango or watermelon eating contest. As a child, Sharon had days where she would only eat mangoes, and her love for the fruit has never faded.

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