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$109 USD

Are you looking to take your career to the next level?
Want to gain a competitive edge in the job market?

Our 45-minute Zoom video session provides tailored advice in one of three areas:

resume review
interview preparation
or career/job search advisory.
 $85 USD

Received a slew of interview rejections?
This session was created to renew your self-worth by clearing hopelessness, disappointment, and a lack of direction in your job search.
Unique to each person - this is a negative energy-clearing session.

Recalibrate back into optimism, recharge your spirit, and reignite hope. 

$329 USD

Unsure why your job search isn't working this time?

Potential clients use this time to workshop their current job search strategy. 

How we use this time is completely up to you.

Get momentum going again in your job search. 

$459 USD

Not getting interview requests?
Upgrade an outdated LinkedIn profile and ineffective resume with a revitalized and intentionally crafted personal brand.
You'll receive a stunning resume and updated LinkedIn profile within 14 business days, with the option for expedited turnaround at an additional cost.
Feel good when you apply. Expect a positive outcome.

$655 USD 

Ready for a career change but are weighed down by too many options?

This session is geared to guide you into committing to your next soul-aligned career move, with instructions on how to craft your new resume highlighting transferrable skills.
Finally, get started. Get excited about your career again and feel at peace.  

$285 USD

Afraid to negotiate and don't want to mess it up this time? 
This is a three-session package for soft-spoken, amateur negotiators ready to negotiate an offer package or salary increase. 

Best results when engaged before a verbal offer is received.
Put a Recruiter in your pocket. You won't be negotiating alone.

$165 USD

Submit a highly personalized, engaging and fresh cover letter.

Receive one round of edits.

Let us help you land your dream job by highlighting your unique skills and experience.
$219 USD 

Work with our team to review your LinkedIn profile, friend, and supporter base and truly make use what you already have.

Everyone has a network. Let us help you use yours.

Don’t leave opportunities on the table.
$329 USD

Uncomfortable ‚Äėselling‚Äô your experience? Want to stop ‚Äėselling‚Äô entirely?

Work with our team to share your experience in a cohesive, confident way.

Attend interviews. Pass them easily.

Signature Package


Tailored for corporate women targeting roles in the $125k to $180k base salary range with household name, mission-driven companies. The CC is an intimate one on one private job search package designed to give you a special advantage as you enter the job market discreetly and leave quickly, all in a way that feels aligned and ends with a spiritually guided, soul-aligned six or seven-figure position.
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Legacy Speaks: Powerhouse Women Leading Lives Worth Remembering

In this book, you will read the stories of 25 powerful female leaders, including our founder, Stephanie Heath who asked themselves questions like: 

"What will I leave behind"
"What type of impact will I make on the planet?"
or most simply, "Who am I?

Whether you are ready to ask yourself some deeper questions, explore your human-ness, tap into your spiritual gifts, realize the power of your purpose, understand your healing through a new lens or just to be filled with joy, this book invites you to remember your own legacy and what you are here to leave behind.

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