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Offer Negotiation: Ask for it all.

offer negotiation salary negotiation Oct 11, 2021

So we're currently negotiating a Sr. Product Managers offer package with a Biotech firm. 

We pushed back and asked them to revise almost every aspect of the offer: 

  • Relocation Bonus
  • Increase in Base Salary
  • Increase in RSU's
  • LTI
  • Green Card process confirmed
  • 4 weeks of vacation not 2. 

We're not doing this because we're greedy...we're doing it because she has a daughter overseas that she wants to bring here...and she'll need to create the best possible circumstance to receive her.

So the next time you feel like talking yourself out of asking for a better package just know that theres a 6'2, generally good looking man thats asking for even more than you would without blinking an eye.

Remember whats at stake.

Your comfort, your ability to really thrive in the role, your future and current family. 

If you want details on how to negotiate well, we have a private FB group with around 2-3 salary negotiation trainings. 

Join us there. 

You got this friend. 

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