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The Fear of Success isn't Real: Instead Identify What Is. career success fear of success raise plan self-promotion Oct 29, 2023

Teal Swan can be controversial at best; however, I think this video on what's really sabotaging your success, like a promotion or raise...will be helpful.


Watch here. 


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Overcoming Ageism: Empowering Soft-Spoken Women to Thrive in their Careers ageism in hiring career success continuous learning job market overcoming challenges professional growth self-confidence self-promotion soft-spoken women Sep 15, 2023
Credit: This blog post was inspired by the valuable insights shared by career coach Alex Motta.
This blog post aims to provide valuable insights for soft-spoken women who aspire to land a fulfilling job that aligns with their values and earn a six-figure salary.


In today's job market,...

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