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Overcoming Ageism: Empowering Soft-Spoken Women to Thrive in their Careers

ageism in hiring career success continuous learning job market overcoming challenges professional growth self-confidence self-promotion soft-spoken women Sep 15, 2023
Overcoming Ageism: Empowering Soft-Spoken Women to Thrive in their Careers
Credit: This blog post was inspired by the valuable insights shared by career coach Alex Motta.
This blog post aims to provide valuable insights for soft-spoken women who aspire to land a fulfilling job that aligns with their values and earn a six-figure salary.


In today's job market, ageism remains a significant challenge, particularly for older workers looking to advance in their careers or make a career change. Soft-spoken women face unique obstacles in asserting themselves and demonstrating their worth to potential employers. However, by focusing on self-confidence and technological proficiency, these challenges can be overcome. This blog post will delve into essential strategies that emphasize the importance of continuous learning, self-assurance, and effective self-promotion for soft-spoken women who seek career success.


In a recent episode of the "Find Your Dream Job" podcast, employment strategist and certified resume writer Alex Motta shared valuable insights on how to overcome ageism in your job search.


  • Recognize the Extent of the Problem: Ageism affects not only older workers but also individuals above the age of 35. Many companies and individuals hold prejudices and stereotypes about older workers, assuming they are less familiar with technology and less flexible.


  • Start with Your Mindset: Overcoming ageism requires a cultural change, which takes time. However, you can take control of your own mindset and approach to the job search. Maintaining a positive attitude and believing in your ability to find a job is crucial. Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you and consider seeking the guidance of a career coach or resume writer.


  • Omit Irrelevant Information: When preparing your resume and LinkedIn profile, avoid including unnecessary details that reveal your age. In many countries, it is common for individuals to include their age and date of birth on their resumes. However, omitting this information can help prevent potential biases. Similarly, consider leaving out your graduation date on your LinkedIn profile, especially if it predates 2010.


  • Connect with Positive Professionals: Building a network of supportive individuals can make a significant difference in your job search. Seek out mentors who have faced similar challenges and connect with professionals in your industry through social networks like LinkedIn. Engaging with groups and communities can provide valuable support and guidance.


  • Highlight Current and Relevant Skills: Emphasize your current skills and demonstrate your ability to adapt to new technologies. Stay updated with in-demand software skills and include them on your resume and LinkedIn profile. Learning new skills helps rejuvenate your profile and positions you as a candidate with valuable expertise.


  • Update Your Resume: Rejuvenate your resume by focusing on your skills and experiences rather than the number of years you've worked. Highlight your relevant experience in specific sectors without explicitly mentioning the number of years. Pay attention to the details, such as using a professional email address (e.g., Gmail or Outlook) rather than outdated ones (e.g., Yahoo).


Moreover, for an even more impactful transformation of your resume and LinkedIn profile, you might consider seeking professional assistance. We offers an exclusive opportunity called the Intentionally Branded Bundle™. Tailored specifically for soft-spoken women, this session is designed to revolutionize your professional presence.

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To learn more about overcoming ageism in your job search, listen to the full podcast episode below:



Empowering soft-spoken women in the job search requires a combination of personal mindset, strategic presentation, and continuous skill development. By adopting a positive attitude, connecting with supportive professionals, and showcasing your current skills, you can overcome age-related biases and find meaningful employment opportunities. Remember, your age should not define your capabilities and value as a candidate.

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