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Which Voice is Right?

Sep 29, 2018

Its really tough when your day is going well so you take a moment to lay down, relax etc. but all of a sudden you are bombarded with negative voices.

You begin doubting the intentions of the people around you.

You start questioning your decisions.

It’s actually really crappy.

It’s tough because which voice do you believe? Which voice is right?

The voice telling you that new guy you’re dating just wants you for sex and that your life isn’t beautiful but a glittering facade?

Or the voice telling you to look at things differently for once by seeing the beauty instead of the ugly.

Believing the positive voice takes guts, slight delusion, and conscious effort.

You’ve worked so hard to value yourself, your accomplishments, your life and the people you attracted into it that you don’t deserve to go back.

A few ways that will help when this happens is watching issue specific positive youtube videos, prayer or just talking to yourself, and good friends.

Cheers for not making yourself sad. Videos below!

Good luck.

If you want a personal cheerleader to remind you that your life is exactly how it should be, that your goals are on their way, and to remind you of your greatness then contact me for coaching.  I’ll always be on your team providing the encouragement you need.



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