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Thank God they laid you off.

job search laid off Aug 11, 2021

Thank God you couldn't keep that job. Thank God. 🙃⁣

I'm sorry but can we thank god for all the crappy situations we 'suffered' through that brought us into a world we had NO IDEA was available for us?⁣

Be grateful for that uncomfortable work situation you're in because if it wasn't wouldn't have brought you read this post...and to realize that there is NO REASON why you should still be working for a company / in a role you hate in a post Covid 2020 world.


You can absolutely be a bartender and turn into a Data Analyst (working with job seekers doing that right now)⁣ a Physics / Mathematics Teacher and turn into a Research Analyst (working with job seekers doing that right now) ⁣ from a 4-5 year career in investment bank into a fun role within a FinTech firm (my favorite clients actually 🙂 )⁣

I feel slightly sleazy saying this but you can 'sell' yourself into any role. You can get what you want.⁣

Create your plan. ⁣
And execute it. ⁣

No excuses and most times no degree necessary....@yourcareerintech 👏👏👏⁣

All the love. ⁣

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