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How To Get Your First Six Figure Position

career transition May 24, 2022

Targeting your first 6-fig position? Let's help!

You know you should be at 100k by now...even if you've held a slew of tech support, sales, retail etc.... You know you should be able to convince, talk yourself enough or even deserve that role. 

So what do you want to do....and how can you get there?

Sorry to say, but that is the first step. Stop meeting with family and friends. 


Instead do this:

1. Pull out your resume and dictate (use otter.a it's the best!) 
Write down not only what you accomplished there but also what you rocked! What did you do well?

What did you do that they didn't ask you to do but you did anyway??

What lasting impressions did you leave...quantitative or qualitative accomplishments (wins) are okay!

Really bask in this. Throw music on and BLAST IT.

Fall back in love with yourself; with your worth; with the possibilities of that upcoming career you're creating. Let this be a spiritual moment. Because it surely is one.

2. Then.....clean it up. Pull up 3....Now I said 3 for a reason...let's not get wild friend lol. 

Find three roles that could be a stretch, that seem interesting...that you could possibly pivot your career into - AND ENJOY IT. ❤️

Use Google to search the job title and find a few open roles that look good....

And then go through the responsibilities. If any are in your wheelhouse...meaning you have that experience that add it where it goes on your 'new makeshift resume' that you're building...

So go ahead and just copy and paste those bullets onto the resume.

*if you're creating three different resumes; that's okay; drop the bullets on the appropriate resume.

  • you're reviewing the job descriptions...and your are you feeling?
  • What's standing out or coming up...?
  • Which role is giving you butterflies vs....meh - not that much excitement?

Really tune into that...and don't forget it. 

After you have the content of your resumes done - just throw them on a plain WORD doc. and do some research.

3. Go get some water, and some snacks. Switch the music up...and go hunting on Linkedin. 

Try to find folks with similar career trajectories...or at least folks that are in those roles now...

Look to see how they got there. You'd be surprised to see where someone started ( degree, first few roles etc.) and that they've pivoted or are in the roles you're targeting or at least are curious about now...

It should help you feel better about your own background..get ideas on what to highlight on your linkedin...and identify what employers will be looking for in terms of skills.

After you've done all of this 'work' 😉

4. Try to get some rest. Put 25 hours between you and your final task at least....

And once you're ready to jump back in then start designing your resumes and working on additional items you'll need to have to start applying...

1. terms of styling...use Canva for Resume templates or for a free template that's plug and play, easy to use and works well with ATS's. 

2. terms of upskills - maybe a UI Cert is something you'll need; or maybe you need to create a portfolio after poking around/viewing other folks in the role on Linkedin. get started on that and give yourself 14 business days. No longer than that...because then your goal becomes a dream.

5. Once done....start to apply.

If you want our SoulWork / former Recruiter approved Application Strategy then join the free group. Tons of free trainings in there on how to get your resume seen even if you have almost no experience etc...

Get comfortable interviewing ie speaking about experience that may not be as straightforward as some of the other candidates out there...We have a ton of trainings on that in the group as well. ❤️

The point of all of this is:

1. You're setting yourself up to interview into roles that pay the 6-fig. mark
2. You're interviewing and getting practice being this next version of yourself.
3. You've fallen back in love with what you bring to the corporate space.

If you have any other questions, thoughts or concerns let us know! Would love to walk by your side during this journey. Not to brag but we've helped several young (and old-er lol) professionals interview into and receive their first 6 figure position. 

Hence our company name.

Hope to meet you in our group.

Love Steph!

And, if you're actually just ready to start one of our programs - then learn more about the Six Figure Catalyst here

Good luck. 

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