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Negative Personal life Affecting Your Job Search?

job search mindset personal life Aug 17, 2021

Currently, I'm in Santa Barbara finishing up a business trip. It's been great because it's been a first for me. I was flown here to shoot a Salary Negotiation 💸 course that will be used by e-Learning companies in the US. 

Although its been great to be here, I've just been holed up in the room working because I've had some difficulties with family that joined me on this trip. 

I know that some of you can relate to being focused on your search but also having to navigate potentially draining and distracting home situations as well. 

I wanted to create this email to not only relieve some of the tension happening on my end but also create some quick fixes for you guys that may be going through something similar as well. 


This is how to not allow a difficult home situation affect your search:

  • Use it. Use the anger, resentment, worry, grief to fuel you to make a better life for yourself.
  • I don't know about you but money to me equals freedom. it equals the freedom to change flights, purchase additional hotel rooms or in your case, move out on your own, divorce someone, quit a toxic work situation today...put your parents in a home, bail out a family member, take a few days and book a staycation for yourself, or finally hire a trustworthy full time baby sitter.
  • Money frees us up to not have to stay in situations that cause us harm. To not allow ourselves to repeat old dynamics with family members or people that live in close proximity to you. 


Get to work. 

I remember an associate of mine and I were discussing moving back in with family and the benefits of witnessing your triggers. I shared that feeling those old triggers again are beneficial because you get to heal from them and respond different. 

She felt the opposite.

She believed re-emerging yourself in those situations doesn't help in the healing process.

Instead it just brings you back to where you used to be, re-traumatizing you.

I think I now understand what she meant.  

So what can you do today to get you closer to that first 6-fig offer?

Make a list of 5 things you've been putting off doing and get them done today.

Here are a few examples you can pull from:

- Reach out to that list of 10 companies you've been eyeing by finally writing those networking emails. I love to use for templates! 

- Pull out that 'wins list' document and finish adding to it. Add all of your accomplishments from your current job and past so that you'll be ready to speak to them during your interviews. 

- Register for the Resume Review & Recruiter Feedback session this Sun. (Aug 22nd.) Seats are limited. $33. Send us an email [email protected] to request a link. 

You got this. Remember that life happens for you. And even if you feel as if you can't catch a break.

You can, and will.

Just keep going.  

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