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Interview Nerves? Don't freak out.

confidence interview anxiety interviewing nervous social anxiety Aug 11, 2021

Don't freak out if you come across as nervous during interviews.

Even though the recruiter probably notices it, we don't care, and expect it.

Instead use these 2 tricks to calm yourself down:

#1 Realize that recruiters - especially at the higher bar companies - go through hundreds of resumes an HOUR, so when we find a candidate that looks good, we assume they are a fit.

Just say less by sticking to the STAR Method and keep in mind you're interviewing them as well.

#2 Post it Note:
Keep a few on your laptop or near your phone.

Let it say👇
' I have nothing to prove'
'I'm qualified already'
'I don't have to impress them'
'I can just be me'
'What can I do to make this call easier for THEM'.......interviewers speak to sometimes 5 candidates a can you make your call go by efficiently..?

Choose any and look down at them as needed.

#3 Practice deep breathing during the call as well.

📷 P.S I get nervous all the time (including here).

It's pretty much my default setting at this point 😅 , so don't fret.

You got this. 😉

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