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Millennials & Work & Existential Exhaustion

burn out exhaustion Mar 29, 2022

You've been exhausted for a few weeks now. The type of exhaustion you can't describe.

Tired that comes from the roots of your hair, the breath that you take, your image in the mirror, the ability to type out coherent words. I don't know about you but I have been 100% unequivocally exhausted with no end or reason insight.

I know you've been working through the feelings, observing them, talking through them with your support system, and slowly emerging from them. I get that.

Yesterday we had a few calls from potential CC and SFC clients and guess what?

I heard that exact same sentiment reflected back to me.

Another millennial....another woman...another team player, and a good person that was exhausted.

Today I came across this article as I thought to research the topic because I knew this is what I wanted to write about - and give to the collective today.

The point of this isn't to provide any answers other than this:

  • Observe the emotions.
  • Clear your calendar to the best of your ability so you're being responsible.
  • Detach from the feeling - making it mean anything about you while still feeling it. Honoring its presence in your space.

Some would recommend journaling on it...

Others may recommend daily EFT Tapping.

The point of this is...if you're going through some heavier unpleasant emotions today, yesterday, or this month...just know that you're not alone. And we'll get through this as we always do.

For me - this means playing music, disconnecting all social media, and getting back outside, back into fiction, and back into more periods of silence.

All the love.


P.S: Definitely read the full article. "Millennials Have a Bad Case of Existential Exhaustion"

P.S: We're going Live every day in the group this week.  See you there. šŸ¤



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