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Empowering Voices: Speak Up, Stand Tall, and Lead the Way

Empowering Voices: Speak Up, Stand Tall, and Lead the Way

career growth confidence empowerment finding your voice interactive session leadership communication skills online workshop overcoming barriers professional development self-advocacy voice empowerment Oct 27, 2023


Have you ever left a meeting wishing you had voiced your opinion? Do you struggle with advocating for yourself at work? If so, you’re not alone. Many professionals, especially women and minorities, face challenges in speaking up and promoting their worth.



On October 28, Cheryl Zalieckas will host an online session focused on empowering your voice, building self-respect, and developing leadership communication skills. This interactive workshop is designed to provide practical advice and instill confidence in participants.


As an expert in the field of communication and self-advocacy, Zalieckas understands the obstacles professionals face in making their voices heard. “So often, talented individuals remain silent due to self-doubt, fear of retaliation, or societal conditioning,” she says. “My goal is to help people overcome these barriers and recognize their inherent worth and power.”


Through discussions, exercises, and role-playing, Zalieckas will teach participants how to:

  • Speak confidently in high-stakes situations. Prepare thoroughly, focus on your key message, and make eye contact.
  • Promote your accomplishments and ask for what you deserve. Do your research to determine your market value and highlight your relevant experience, skills, and impact.
  • Address difficult conversations with empathy and care. Use “I” statements, listen actively, and frame feedback constructively.
  • Support and empower others. Amplify voices that often go unheard and create opportunities for marginalized groups to lead.


Whether you're aiming for a promotion, salary increase, or leadership role, finding your voice is essential. As Zalieckas affirms, "Your perspective and experience have value. When you speak up confidently and authentically, you open doors for yourself and others."


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