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career coaches job search strategy Jun 28, 2022 even really need a Career Coach?

…especially if you've gotten roles in the past with no issue. Why would you need one now?

Well, lets see.

Speed -

"I’ve been on the market on and off…for about three to six months now."

There's nothing wrong with you but you could probably use a Career Coaches (or at least former recruiters) eye to see where your job search strategy is going ‘wrong’.

Clarity -

"What is the next best step for me? How can I make my big (career goal) happen? The one I don’t ever talk about."

Why not take advantage of a sounding board, someone used to hiring/reviewing common career paths. Someone to help write yours.

Negotiate -

"I find it hard to speak up for myself, and what's more is…I’m trying to jump from making low six figures (or five figures) to significantly higher"

"I’ve been underpaid for years and I’ve just been too afraid to really put myself out there. When I do…I keep getting low balled…. I need help."

It may take mindset work to help you feel comfortable with making your ask. You may also need interview practice to help you get comfortable positioning your answers to help pull out what interviewers expect from a high six figure hire. We can help.

Interviews -

"I’m contacted by recruiters searching for a completely different profile than mine, for roles that are beneath my experience level…"


"I am trying to pivot my career completely and so far it hasn't been working…"

We constantly get professionals dealing with the last two issues. You could use an expert eye to either edit and rewrite your resume and linkedin completely or point you in the right direction. Branding is key in this job market. I can't stress this enough.


The best thing you can do for your career is to book a career coaching session. It's what your friends/colleagues are doing but just aren't announcing it…


There's nothing wrong with you if you’re on the market longer than the people you know in your network.


Your journey is YOUR OWN.


At SoulWork we have sessions geared for all of the above.

We specialize in helping soft spoken, ESL or highly sensitive professionals level up either in title or salary. If you’d like to learn more let us know below. Drop a comment saying - me - below. :-) and we’ll send over a few links for you to review.


You got this friend. 🙂


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