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How to job search in December!

december job search how to job search in december job search strategy Dec 16, 2022

I recently took over some our clients - cold messaging and company pitching/Hiring Manager identifying work and I was pretty shocked.

In the past, we instructed clients to jump into Recruiter and TA Linkedin inboxes after applying ensuring that not only your resume was being seen but that also your LinkedIn was as well; this worked, because clients would just get interview requests quicker.

However, this week - I learned that there were A LOT more job seekers doing the same thing...

TA's weren't responded to my clients; they were just accepting the connection request.

After realizing that, I jumped into our FB group to share an update on that action - as it relates specifically to December. 

Christmas is next week; so if you're job hunting....I'd like you to focus on these steps instead.

Video below; breakdown of the steps under it!


If you're job hunting in December 2022, you NEED to adjust your strategy and do these things right now.

1. Let your network on Linkedin know you're job hunting by creating a post introducing them to your work and your background. (Two Examples Shown)

2. Schedule around 4-6 calls/genuine meet-ups a week with folks from your network and ask them to:

  • Share any recruiting agencies they've used in the past and worked well with
  • Share the recruiter names/handles on LinkedIn so you can actually connect with them there.
  • Look back at the companies they've worked for in the past; if you'd like to send a resume over, then ask that contact to put you in contact with an HR person there; or try to remember the name of that HR person so that you can introduce yourself to them on your own via Linkedin using your friends' name.
  • Ask them for the Founder or Hiring Manager / Team Lead names at the companies you'll apply to if they've previously worked there. If they agree; ask them to craft an intro email with you both or allow you to drop their name in a separate intro on your own.

3. Release Expectation!

4. Choose Joy!

5. Be MORE selective with the resumes you are sending out and the positions you're applying to.

6. Edit your resume for EVERY SINGLE ROLE.

If you'd like help with approaching this search or if you're ready to start a new search in January from a slower more intentional space, then learn more about The Career Catalyst here.

Good luck friends; you got this.

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