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Are you (job search) burnt out? ⁣

burn out job search burn out Aug 17, 2021

⁣I find that for myself and my clients, we usually find success aka tons of interview requests, multiple offers once they’ve surrendered to the process/gotten a taste of the eff it’s or they are in really really good mind states.⁣
If you’d like to get an offer this year then invite yourself to do something different today whether that be reaching out to a friend, sending a message to the CEO of the company you adore or taking a bath, cooking a really nice meal and hugging the person you love.⁣
The market isn’t as cut and dry as it used to be. Start acting like it and remember that all of the desires of your heart were placed there for a reason. You deserve a higher salary than you can even dream of, you deserve the title too. You deserve it because you’re alive.

That’s it. ⁣
—- my burnout solution is the same. Yummy food. Laughter. Breaks. Kundalini. Prayer. Yoga & trap dance parties at night and lots of sunlight / dirty feet in my mama’s backyard. We’re all rising.

Let’s do it together.

If you need help getting back into alignment consistently and settling with your dream soul aligned offer then reach out to me.

Happy to help. 🤍⁣

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