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Ten Questions to ask a Founder

intervew question interviewing interviews interviewtips workculture Jun 15, 2022

Ten Questions to ask a Founder

I always say that since 2020, the market has started to fall more so in candidates hands. We can be pickier, we can ask spicier questions...we can really interview a company back.

If you're a soft spoken person that values working with healthy, team oriented, emotionally intelligent and mature professionals then you may want to suss out character traits/flaws from the companies founder and your potential direct manager. Here are a few questions you can ask to let your gut shed light on if this is the best company for you.

I recommend rapport building questions or questions that suss out their character. You'll not only be able to pick up on if they are still in love/motivated by the company, if they think about failures, wins objectively, have hope and have the same values that you do:

I always like to start with something along the line of:

"You know its not often someone gets to meet with someone who's built a __ company. Thank you for the time."


Then head into your questions:


- Why did you start this company?

- Had you started any others before?

- What was the biggest lesson the company...yourself potentially has learned this year?

- How has the pandemic changed this business? The employees? Company values?

- How has some of the racial issues (me too movement, anything here thats important to you!) the countries faced in 2020 and are still facing today impacted employees here? This companies values?

- If you looked back at this role a year from now...what would a successful hire have accomplished not only in the role but as an employee within this company?

- What has this team done well this year and where is there still room to grow? How about this hiring manager/manager?

- What legacy do you most want to leave? (I hope its okay to ask this!) - If I were considering an offer here compared to one of your competitors, why should your next hire accept this one?

Most importantly, tune into your gut.

If you feel that the person is giving canned answers, counting the clock waiting for this interview to end, has a distant half here half not look in their eye or doesn't really inspire enthusiasm with their answers....those are all things to look at.

You want to know you're joining a rising rocket not a sinking ship.

Keep asking yourself, am I in the right place over and over as you meet with this person or any others...

Be brave enough to keep your search going if you know this isn't the one for you.

You got this friend. 

This month we're anchoring into ease in our job search; bliss in life, career and relationships.

Let's talk through how you can pick yourself back up after an interview rejection and how we can enjoy the journey as it unfolds.

Job searching can be EASY again.

See you in the group!

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