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Soft Spoken? Shy? This is How to Appear More Confident at Work

confidence job leadership workculture Sep 04, 2023
Soft Spoken? Shy?  This is How to Appear More Confident at Work

As a Career & Salary Negotiation BFF for women, I have worked with many clients who struggle with shyness in the workplace. These traits can make it difficult for women to assert themselves and showcase their talents, which can hinder their professional growth and limit their earning potential.

If you are a soft-spoken woman who desires to be a six-figure earner, the first step is to recognize that your colleagues are nervous too and that your voice matters. You have valuable insights to offer, and it's important to find ways to communicate them effectively.


Here are some tips to help you appear more confident at work:

  • Set a goal of speaking up: Set a goal of sharing one thought or insight during your meetings or group discussions. If you struggle with speaking up, try preparing your thoughts beforehand and practicing what you want to say. You can also try starting with small contributions and gradually building up to more significant contributions.


  • Ground your feet: Take your shoes off (if you can) and sit up straight in your chair. Imagine a cord pulling from your head into the sky and down through your feet into the earth. You are solid and being supported. You can relax into that posture and command the room. This posture will help you feel more confident and assertive.


  • Push the thoughts away: As disempowering thoughts spring up; visualize yourself pushing them away and re engage in the conversation. Re-establish eye contact. Ask questions and offer feedback to show that you are interested and engaged. This will build rapport, establish your credibility and teach those thoughts that they are not relevant anymore. 


  • Seek out opportunities to lead: Look for opportunities to take on leadership roles you’re passionate about or interested in, such as leading a project or volunteering for a highly visible (and interesting!) committee. This will build your confidence, open and stretch your thought chakra and showcase all of your hidden skills and abilities to others.


  • Embrace your strengths & mistakes: Recognize everyone is likely making small inconsequential mistakes once in a while. You can feel confident and empowered, because you’re just like them. Recognize that. You’re just as good.

Remember, being a shy-er, soft-spoken woman does not have to hold you back in your career. By practicing these tips and embracing your strengths, you will become more confident and assertive at work, and ultimately achieve your career goals.

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