A Career Clarity and Job Search Course for spirit led, soft spoken and ambitious job seekers.

I made this course for you. 

Hi, I'm Stephanie Heath, Founder and Career Coach at SoulWork & Six Figures. 

As a former Tech & Tech Adjacent Recruiter for the Finance and Investment Banking industry, and also for companies like Amazon and SONY...

I've seen what it takes to exist the job market with a soul successfully aligned HIGH 6 & 7 Figure offer...at the competitive, household name, mission-driven companies everyone applies to. 

I made this course because I wanted to give you a competitive edge. 

If you're a... 

1. Recovering People Pleaser
2. Recovering Work-a-holic

...ready to ASK for and Recieve a HIGH HIGH salary then now is the time to make it happen. This is not a normal career coaching course.

This is a 10-week {self study} program that helps soft spoken job seekers enter and exit the job market quickly by defining their personal brand, communicating their value, up-leveling their self belief through custom meditations and Kundalini Kriyas, providing a submission (networking) strategy and advanced salary negotiation techniques.
pre-Work Module: Meditations & Live Trainings to Increase Self Belief

1st Module: Career Clarity
2nd Module: Personal Branding (Easy Resume & LinkedIn Updates)

3rd Module: Professional Networking & Job Search (Submission Strategy)⁣⁣
4th Module: Interview Prep: (Previous Experience)⁣⁣, Interview Prep: (Behavioral / Case Study Questions/Final Mock)⁣⁣
5th Module: Salary & Benefits Benchmarking⁣⁣ & Advanced Salary Negotiation Techniques⁣⁣
BONUSES: Additional support and resources including Discount Codes (market research report via 81cents.com), link to join private female executive professional development forum.

FINAL BONUS: Access to the private community:

  1. Access to our private client only career job search group where our team of coaches: Career Coach, Stephanie Heath, Communications & Leadership Strategist Coach, Cheryl Zalieckas and Allie Berry, Certified, Healing Arts Practitioner go Live once per week to answer ALL your job search and career questions. 

You will not be alone. 
We'll be there with you. 

What People Are Saying:

I also wanted to share-- since we’ve updated my LinkedIn I’ve had several recruiters reach out to me and have already gotten on interviews with a couple different companies that I’m still in process with, so clearly it’s still working! Thanks again <3

Lydia S., Talent Acquisition, Recruiter

Stephanie. Has. Been. Phenomenal. This job landscape has truly morphed into an exclusionary obstacle course which requires the use of night vision goggles that I don’t have. I would have been blindly applying for jobs and getting nowhere. You need an expert guide and Stephanie knows the routes and the trap doors. Don’t try and job search without her.

Ajay R., Design Research & Innovation Strategist

Hi Stephanie, Just wanted to share the details of both offers: Company Name Redacted: is offering a position as Senior People Experience and Workplace Manager for 50K € base/ lump sum for relocation/ total ownership of the visa process for me and my family/ education budget/ 26 vacation days/ one month of remote work outside of the country/ hybrid modality. Company Name Redacted: is offering me Head of People (which totally surprised me as it was advertised as less than that)./ two different pay options (attaching) 25 vacation days/ hybrid modality. I've given both my word to take the weekend to evaluate and let them know by Monday. Thank you so much for helping me get here. I appreciate this more than you'll ever know. I couldn't have done this without you. I'm so proud of myself. Love, Nisrin

N. A., MBA, Regional Sr. HR Partner

Hi Stephanie, I hope you're well! I just wanted to let you know that I'm finally there! I got 2 salary increases in the last quarter bringing me to 110k. I also manage a team, and I'd have never gotten here if it wasn't for you. I'm also being considered for another promotion to manage the entire team of strategists. Thank you so much again for everything. I tell anyone I know about you. I hope I can get you 6 figures worth of business!!

Monique C., Marketing & Creative Director

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